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RushFiling Return Policy

RushFiling.com works closely with a network of professional attorneys to ensure quality and your satisfaction with our services and support. If you are not satisfied with our services for any reason, please contact us immediately and we will do our best to resolve the situation or even provide you with a refund of RushFiling.com service charges.

You may contact our customer service representatives at 1-888-634-8316 during our normal business hours - (Monday – Friday between 9:00 AM PST – 5:00 PM PST) to report any issues or even request a refund.

Please note that RushFiling.com cannot refund any state, county or third party fees that incurred during the document preparation process for your request. Once RushFiling has commenced service and provided prepared legal documents, the RushFiling service charge will apply in the event of a cancellation. All refund requests must be submitted within 30 days of your purchase and will be processed within 5 business days.

Please notice that RushFiling.com prepares and files required documentation for services purchased on the RushFiling.com website but is not responsible for the outcome of your requests. Rejections by governmental agencies for any particular reason are outside of the scope of RushFiling's services and are beyond our control; therefore are not covered by RushFiling's guarantee.

Any chargebacks/disputes to the charge, without communicating with us first will be treated as fraudulent. All details, including original order form, username and access logs bearing members IP addresses and/or e-mail addresses and username will be forwarded to the issuing Credit Card Company (Fraud Division), Federal Bureau of Investigation (Credit Card Fraud Division), and all Credit Reference Agencies which will result in a query into members credit card payment habits. Credit Card fraud is a criminal offense and will not be tolerated. Please be advised that attempted chargebacks for non-fraudulent transactions through the RushFiling system will be subject to criminal investigation and these individuals will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Thanks for your interest in our return policy.

Please enjoy our site, our services and the assistance of our knowledgeable staff.

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