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Renew a DBA Overview:

Most states place term limits on DBA filings and they must be renewed according to state statutes. In California the DBA must be renewed every 5 years while Texas requires it every 10 years.
We understand the obstacles that can arise during a business renewal. It can be unfamiliar territory for many people and the RushFiling specialists are here to help. We want the renewal process to be simple, fast and hassle free for our clients.
Filing a DBA is required if an individual or company plan on conducting business under a name that is different from the company’s legal, registered name, or the personal name(s) of the business owner. Proof of the DBA filing may be required prior to opening a business account or collecting money under the business name. In fact, a filed DBA registration certificate is usually required before a bank will open an account under the business name.
RushFiling specializes in fast filings. We have several Expedite and Same Day options allowing you to have a copy of your DBA renewal immediately. Click on the Get Started button below and renew your DBA now!
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Renew a DBA - How it works:

You won’t have to read any demanding instructions, & there’s nothing to print out or put together on your end. RushFiling has eliminated the hassle of filing for a DBA with just 3 Easy Steps...

1  Information: Put the information on our website (rushfiling)
Start the DBA process by filling out a precise online questionnaire developed by our staff of legal advisors. Part of the RushFiling guarantee is that our professionals handle every order personally and that your data remains confidential. Our online questionnaire is free, safe & secure! You can save your work & return to it at any time. You may also call us toll free at 1-888-634-8316.
2  Preparation: RushFiling staffs will generate the forms & Ready to file.
As soon as we receive your completed questionnaire, the experts at RushFiling perform a thorough review of your information — including a check for accuracy and to make sure that nothing has been overlooked. We then conduct a comprehensive name search, prepare the proper legal forms, file your DBA forms and post notice of your DBA in an approved newspaper. Publication fees are included in the DBA package cost.
3  Completion: Your filed DBA/FBN will be on file. (your account)
Once your DBA has been filed & approved, we will ship your DBA completion package directly to your doorstep. In the meantime, all you have to do is sit back and let the specialists at RushFiling take care of business.

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Renew DBA Prices:

We understand the obstacles that can arise during a business formation, expansion or renewal. It can be unfamiliar territory for many people and we are here to help. We want the formation process to be simple, fast and hassle free for our clients.

Increase your profits and your company’s reputation by filing a DBA. With the experts at RushFiling, you’ll save time and costly attorney’s fees — one online visit or phone call to our central processing unit is all it takes to get started. Family owned and operated, RushFiling is dedicated to providing quality service for our valued clients.


  • Easy! Make only one online visit or call to our online document processing center — we do the rest.
  • Affordable! Much less than attorney’s fees and competitive in the online market.
  • Fast! We start processing your order within 24 hours or less!
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  Renew DBA FAQs

Can I still file a renewal if my DBA has expired?

If a DBA has expired a new filing is required. *Publication is also required in some states

Do I have to publish my DBA every time it's renewed?

Publication is only required if any of the information on the DBA has changed. If all of the information from original filing is has remained the same, publication is not required.

When do I have to renew my DBA?

Many states have term limits on DBA's filings while others do not. In California the DBA must be renewed every five years while Texas requires a renewal every 10 year. Call us at 1-888-634-8316 to check on your state requirements.

What is renewing a DBA?

State and local offices have unique rules for DBA expiration. While some state and local governments require businesses to renew DBA filings, others do not. If your business must renew its DBA registration, your state or local government office typically sends a renewal notice to the business.

What if you have changes to your DBA (adding a partner, business moves location, etc.) before it's time to renew?

You should file and publish a new DBA and file and publish an Abandonment or Withdraw from the original DBA.