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Incorporation Overview:

Incorporation is an important step in the life of a business, but unfortunately the true value of incorporating a business is often not seen until the business faces a negative situation such as a law suit or bankruptcy. A primary advantage of a corporation is the limited liability the corporate entity affords its shareholders (owners). Typically, shareholders are not liable for the debts and obligations of the corporation; thus, creditors will not come knocking at the door of a shareholder to pay debts of the corporation. In a partnership or sole proprietorship the owner's personal assets may be used to pay debts of the business.

Corporation formation can be a complicated and unfamiliar process for many people. RushFiling, Inc. is here to make the corporation formation process fast, simple, and hassle-free. RushFiling, Inc. specializes in expedited and same-day corporation filing.

Form your corporation and protect your personal assets from lawsuits and creditors. Just answer the following questions and we'll check the availability of your corporation and prepare and file your articles of incorporation. Once the articles are filed, RushFiling, Inc. will mail your corporate kit and seal, business forms, FEIN and S Corp election documents. We'll also send you detailed instructions on how to hold your initial meeting to elect your directors, officers and adopt the resolutions.

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Incorporation - How it works:

You won't have to read any complicated instructions, and there's nothing to print out or put together on your end. RushFiling has eliminated the stress of the corporation formation process with just 3 Easy Steps...

Start by filling out a precise online questionnaire developed by our staff of legal advisors to form your corporation. Part of the RushFiling guarantee is that our professionals handle every order personally and that your data remains confidential. Our online questionnaire is free, safe & secure! You can save your work & return to it at any time. You may also call us toll free at 1-888-634-8316.
As soon as we receive your completed corporation questionnaire, the experts at RushFiling perform a thorough review of your information - including a check for accuracy and to make sure that nothing has been overlooked. We then fill out all the necessary paperwork and file all required documents with the appropriate state or federal agency. RushFiling, Inc. acts as your incorporator which allows for immediate submission.
Once your formation documents are approved, we'll send you a completed corporate package by email and directly to your doorstep.. all you have to do is sit back and let the specialists at RushFiling take care of your corporation.

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Incorporation Prices:

Let the experts RushFiling take care of business! With us, you'll save time and costly attorney's fees when forming your Corporation. One online visit or phone call to our office is all it takes to get started on your business entity formation. Family owned and operated, RushFiling is dedicated to providing quality service for our valued clients. RushFiling - we do it right.

  • Easy! Make only one online visit or call to our online document processing center - we do the rest.
  • Affordable! Much less than attorney's fees and competitive in the online market.
  • Fast! We start processing your order within 24 hours or less!
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     Form the business entity that's right for you!


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  C-Corporation FAQs

What is a stock's par value?

Par value is a nominal dollar amount given to corporate shares. It doesn't necessarily reflect their real value, and is typically set at a low value. The par value of a share is the minimum price at which it may be sold to shareholders, and the par value must be the same for all shares of the same class. The shares can be sold to the initial shareholders, at par value or more, but the price must be the same for each share.

What is a corporation?

A business entity made up of individuals, but having its own legal character, a corporation comes into existence when articles of incorporation are filed in your state of choice. Once it's formed, your corporation will be legally able to negotiate deals, maintain assets, enter into and defend itself against lawsuits, and more. One of the corporation's defining features is that it personally protects its owner from liability against corporate debts.

Is a corporation required to have a registered agent?

Yes. Every corporation must designate a registered agent and disclose the agent's name and office address-no post office boxes-as a matter of public record. Your registered agent is the individual authorized to receive official correspondence on behalf of the corporation. He or she is also the person authorized to be served with a subpoena if your corporation is sued. The registered agent must be either a natural person over eighteen years of age living in the state in which the corporation has been formed or a corporation within the state of formation that provides registered agent services. Any officer or director of your corporation can act as the registered agent as long as your corporation is in your home state. If you want to maintain a veil of privacy, or prevent against the surprise of being served a subpoena at home in front of your family, using an outside person or company as your registered agent is a good idea.

Do I need an attorney to form a corporation?

Not at all! It's not necessary for you to use a lawyer when you want to form a corporation. You have the option of preparing all the legal documentation and filing it yourself or you may choose to employ a professional legal documentation service such as RushFiling.

Who can form a corporation?

Basically-anyone! There's no age requirement, and you don't necessarily have to live in the U.S. let alone be a U.S. citizen. As long as you submit your articles of incorporation and pay the required filing fee, you can form a corporation.

What is a C Corporation?

A C Corporation is a completely separate tax and legal entity from its owners, and owners who work in the business are treated and taxed as employees of the corporation (Note: The C in C Corporation refers to a subchapter of the tax code; C corporations are one of the most common forms of corporations, and they are frequently referred to generically as corporations). C Corporations are subject to corporate income taxes separate from the owners, where most other forms of business entity allow for the company profits to pass-through to the personal income tax statements of the owners. As such, C Corporations are the most formal business entity and they have greater tax reporting responsibilities than other business entities. C Corporations allow for profits to be retained in the business, if desired, and frequently these profits can be taxed at a lower rate than personal income. C Corporations can also pay out after tax profits to its owners in the form of dividends, but this can also lead to double taxation.